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TecnATox members have deep experience on environmental/basic toxicology and human health risk assessment, food toxicology and exposure to environmental chemical pollutants. Since 2000, a wide surveillance study to analyze the levels of different persistent and emerging organic pollutants (dioxins and furans, PCBs, PCNs, PAHs, PBDEs, PCDEs, and PFCs) and metals in various food groups (including seafood) is being performed in Catalonia, together with the Catalan Agency of Food Safety (ACSA) and the University of Barcelona. This information has been applied to validate the development of specific physiologically-based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) models in order to predict the internal exposure to chemical pollutants. Using the database of the aforementioned studies, TecnATox has developed a series of tools of high practical application, for both physicians and the general public. Some examples are RIBEPEIX, a friendly-use software that allows evaluating the risks and benefits of consuming fish and seafood, comparing the total ingestion of organic and inorganic pollutants (risks) with that of omega-3 fatty acids (benefits), and RIBEFOOD, a personal program to balance the dietary intake of pollutants and the nutrients from food consumption. TecnATox researchers have also investigated the effects of various cooking processes on the final concentrations of the above-mentioned pollutants in several food items. TecnATox has participated in several national and international scientific projects in risk assessment of environmental chemical pollutants.

Key personnel involved


P12 urv JLDOMINGO STAFF José L. Domingo (PhD) Professor of Toxicology and Environmental Health. Head of the LTSM and Director of TecnATox. He is member of the ACSA Experts Group on Chemical Pollutants. He has sounded expertise on food toxicology, human exposure to chemical contaminants, and health risk assessment (more than 470 articles in international peer-reviewed journals). He is currently Managing Editor of Food and Chemical Toxicology, co-Editor-in-Chief of Human and Ecological Risk Assessment, and Associate Editor of Environment International.




P12 urv MNADAL STAFF  Martí Nadal (PhD) he is director of Environmental Risk Assessment at TecnATox. He has expertise in control, monitoring and prediction of the effects on human health and the environment of different pollutant sources. He has a large knowledge in the application of novel tools and methods for risk assessment purposes. He has more than 70 articles in international peer-reviewed journals, mainly focused on toxic effects and environmental risk assessment.




lolita-vilavert-profile-pic Lolita Vilavert (PhD) is a postdoctoral researcher at TecnATox. She has expertise in control, monitoring and prediction of the effects of different pollutant sources on human health and the environment, as well as development and application of new computational tools in the environmental and human health risk assessment. She has published 11 articles in international peer-reviewed journals and has participated in diverse investigation projects.




laia-grau-pars-profile-picLaia Grau has been part of the European Projects Office of Universitat Rovira Virgili since 2010. She works as international project manager mainly with FP7, H2020 and Erasmus+ Programmes. Her main tasks are to help researchers to get European funds to develop their projects and also to give them support during the project life - from the preparation of the proposal until the audit or closure- managing the financial and administrative part of the project. She specialised in finances and EU R&D project management.



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