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P04 - UGent tox group 

UGent is recognised by its expertise in fundamental and applied marine and food research. Three UGent research units are involved in this collaborative project: Laboratory for Environmental Toxicology and Aquatic Ecology (LETAE), Agro-food Marketing and Consumer Behaviour (AFMCB), and Unit of Nutrition and Food Safety (UNFS). These groups have complementary expertise in the areas of marine environmental contaminants, aquaculture, food science, public health and socioeconomic impacts. The LETAE group has expertise in environmental, toxicology and risk assessment of contaminants in aquatic environments, including known and emerging contaminants (cf. EU Water Framework and Marine Directive) in the marine environment, uptake by and impact/effects of these chemicals on marine organisms, ecosystems and human health (food chain transfer). The AFMCB integrates expertise in the fields of food consumer science, risk perception and communication, health promotion and education, food chain traceability and industry competitiveness. The UNFS has high level expertise in conducting epidemiological surveys and research with a main interest in dietary intake, exposure assessment for nutrients and contaminants and corresponding risk-benefit analyses. UGent is part of the network of European Universities and has been active in numerous European projects, such as SEAFOODplus (FP6), CONSENSUS (FP6), ASEM Aquaculture Platform (FP7), EATWELL (FP7), FoodRisC (FP7), Remede (FP6), HELENA (FP6), IDEFICS (FP6), TDS_EXPOSURE (FP7), EXPOCHI (CFP/EFSA).

Key personnel involved

ECsafeSEAFOOD Generic Profile Pic v2Wim Verbeke PhD is professor in agro-food marketing and consumer behaviour with expertise in consumer science, risk-benefit perception and communication related to food safety, health and sustainability. He has specific experience in the domain of seafood consumption.

P4 - Colin Janssen ED Colin Janssen PhD is professor in ecotoxicology and aquatic ecology with internationally recognised expertise in the field of environmental risk assessment. He is member of the EU DG Sanco Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Risks. He has substantial expertise on the distribution of contaminants in aquatic food webs.


 P4 - UGENT steffan de henauw ED Stefaan De Henauw PhD  is medical doctor and professor in public health nutrition. He has been involved in numerous EU projects dealing with nutrition and public health. He has expertise in dietary intake and epidemiological studies.




silke-jacobs-profile-picSilke Jacobs is a PhD student working at Ghent University under the supervision of Prof. Wim Verbeke and Dr. Isabelle Sioen. She has been involved in the ECsafeSEAFOOD project since September 2013. She is involved in ascertaining consumers’ perception of the marine environment and knowledge of contaminants within European countries. She is also involved in performing a risk-assessment to evaluate the risks linked to the presence of environmental contaminants in seafood. The results of these activities will serve to develop an information strategy which considers the kind of information that is needed and should be disseminated to the general public in order to reduce the impact of public health risks on seafood consumption. 


P04-Isabelle Isabelle Sioen PhD is postdoctoral researcher at UNFS coordinating most of the unit’s projects related to food safety. She has strong expertise in nutritional-toxicological conflict related to seafood and exposure assessment studies.








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