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IPMA, I.P., is a public research institute following the merger of three research institutes. IPMA is devoted to carry out research, technological development, innovation, services and dissemination activities on sea and athmosphere, including sustainable exploitation of marine resources as well as on production, upgrading and processing of high quality seafood and seafood products. IPMA acts as counsellor to the national authorities on fisheries, fishing industry and fishery organisations, and is member of a high number of national and international commissions. The research unit involved in the proposal is the Division of Aquaculture and Upgrading (DivAV), which has expertise in seafood quality (e.g. preservation, processing and a better utilization of fractions currently characterized as by-products) and safety. DivAV has also a deep expertise in the improvement and development of new analytical tools for seafood quality and safety, being the national reference laboratory for bivalve mollusc microbiological quality and for chemical contaminants in farmed fish species (accredited for mercury, lead and cadmium). The IPMA research unit involved in this proposal deals with pre competitive research and experimental development on fish utilisation, quality monitoring and assurance and support to fishermen and the fish industry, by way of technical advice, technological tests and technology transfer. IPMA has participated in several EU funded projects including FQLM, QUALPOISS, SEAFOODplus, BE-FAIR, Qalibra, CrustaSea, LobsterPlant, SafeFoodERA-RiskFoodCont, ShellPlant and MusselsAlive.

Key personnel involved:

P01 ipma AMARQUES STAFF Antonio Marques (Project Coordinator) is senior researcher at the Division of Aquaculture and Seafood Upgrading (DivAV). He has a PhD in Applied Biological Sciences from the University of Ghent, Belgium since 2005. He has been involved in the coordination of several European and regionally funded projects on seafood quality and safety (chemical contaminants and microbiology), and in the application of new technologies in the assessment of seafood quality/safety. He has over 30 peer-reviewed and indexed scientific publications.



 P01 ipma MLNUNES STAFFMaria Leonor Nunes PhD, is senior researcher, deputy head of DivAV at IPMA, I.P., and Professor of Quality/Processing of Seafood Products at the University of Algarve and University of Porto (Portugal). She has been involved in the coordination of several European and regional funded projects concerned with fish products, by products, preservation, processing, and quality and safety. She has over 200 peer-reviewed and indexed scientific publications and several scientific books.



 P01 ipma HLOURENCO STAFFHelena Maria Lourenço is a scientist at DivAV with expertise in determination of nutritional constituents and trace elements in seafood. She has a PhD on “Essential and toxic elements in fish products consumed in Portugal” at the University of Lisbon (2011). Actually her research is focused on risk/benefit of seafood related with trace elements. She participates on the meetings of Reference European laboratories for chemical residues and is member of the Portuguese Chemical Society.



 P01 ipma AMAULVAULT STAFFAna Luísa Maulvault is researcher at DivAV. She has an MSc in Aquaculture and Fisheries from the University of Algarve, Portugal. She has expertise in the assessment of chemical hazards and benefit in seafood, seafood quality, risk/benefit of seafood consumption and bioaccessibility/bioavailability of nutrients and toxicants. She has been involved in the management of several scientific projects on seafood quality and safety, and has 10 peer-reviewed and indexed scientific publications.



foto CV v2Vera Barbosa is researcher at DivAV, with an MSc degree in Marine Biology, specialization in Biotechnology, granted by the University of Algarve, Portugal. Her professional experience is based on marketing and commercial business in distribution, where she acquired economical, marketing and human resources management skills by leading several departments in the AKI Company. 




alves-rn-profile-picRicardo Alves is researcher at the Division of Aquaculture and Seafood Upgrading (DivAV). He has a MSc in Marine Biology with specialisation in Marine Biotechnology from the University of Algarve, Portugal. Currently, he is finishing his PhD thesis focusing on the role of thyroid hormones (THs) in flatfish metamorphosis, including the endocrine disruption of THs axis. He has expertise in molecular biology and biochemistry including the emerging techniques of transcriptomics and proteomics. He has 7 peer-reviewed and indexed scientific publications.





Carolina Camacho is a researcher at DivAv with an MSc in Food Science and Engineering from University of Lisbon (Portugal). She has expertise in
food rheology, screening techniques for food proximate composition, mycotoxins assessment, fatty acids profile, contaminants quantification (Hg, Cd and Pb), food texture evaluation and organoleptical analysis. She has 2 indexed scientific publications and 2 book chapters.

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