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ICETA belongs to the largest network in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering established in Portugal and is recognized as the Associated Laboratory for Green Chemistry by the Portuguese Portuguese Ministry of Science and Technology. Amongst the different research groups at this network, Food Quality and Safety group has expertise in different activities: (i) Food/water safety evaluation, (ii) Food authenticity and (iii) Nutritional and bioactive compounds analysis. Implementation of advanced analytical technologies, including fast and environmentally friendly chromatographic techniques coupled to mass spectrometry, targeting different analyte/matrix combinations is one of the core activities of this group, together with monitorization of target contaminants and their metabolites in marine food chain, and exposure assessment to known and new contaminants to estimate human health risks. The research team has leaded national projects dealing with food contaminants.

 Key personnel involved

SarahCunha Sara Cunha (PhD) is researcher. Her research focuses on development and validation of advanced analytical methods for analysis of food and environmental contaminants with the use of GCMS and LC-MS/MS techniques. She has led national projects devoted to the development or optimization of analytical methods for determination of food contaminants.





ATT00130 mr José Fernandes (PhD) is Head of the Laboratory of Bromatology and Hydrology of the Pharmacy Faculty of Oporto University. He is an expert in food chemistry and chromatographic analysis. He has extensive experience in leading national research projects committed to food safety.





Miguel-Faria Miguel Faria (PhD) Scientific researcher and collaborator of the Oporto University Focused on the identification of species in food matrices by DNA based methods supported by phylogeny. Targeted species are relevant for food safety (i.e. fish, fruits and mycotoxigenic fungi).





SusanaCasal Susana Casal (PhD) is Scientific researcher and collaborator of the Oporto University Public Health Institute. Her research focused on the evaluation of technological and environmental implications in food nutritional and bioactive compounds, with particular emphasis on lipid components. She is leader and participant in eleven national research projects on food quality and safety.





Isabel-Ferreira Isabel Ferreira (PhD) is Scientific researcher and collaborator of the Oporto University Public Health Institute. Her research focuses on chemistry and biochemistry, developing fundamental and applied investigation related with Food Quality and Safety. Her analytical skills are related with the analysis of macronutrients, micronutrients and contaminants, namely, pesticides, heterocyclic amines, biogenic amines, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.






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