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Hortimare BV produces juvenile seaweeds to be the first link in the seaweed production chain, supplying the seaweed production sector with selected and breeded, high quality propagation material. Hortimare supports the development of the production and applications of seaweed, by serving the aquaculture sector with affordable solutions and services to cleaner effluents. Seaweed production traditionally starts from juvenile seaweeds, which are manually attached to ropes or nets and grown directly in the sea. Hortimare develops profitable mechanized seeding and culture systems for seaweed production and supplies the starting material for those. This multiplication process of seaweed is often quite complicated (Laminaria, Saccharina and Palmaria) via spore and gametophyte cycles. The young seaweed has to be attached to a carrier by Hortimare for handling and further use in production process and system. Hortimare BV has established a propagation facility aiming at year round production of a range of seaweed species. The laboratory facility (Netherlands) contains tissue culture and storage facilities for basic material (stock) and improved selections and breeding of seaweeds. Hortimare grows outside refrigerated production tanks different seaweed species including kelps all year round. Hortimare facilities are under one roof with the Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ) at the island Texel. Hortimare is (among others) initiator of the foundation ‘Northsea Farm’ (Noordzeeboerderij), developing a test farm for seaweed production 5 mile offshore of Texel.

Key personnel involved

P17 - Job Schipper Hortimare BV ED Job Schipper PhD is founder of Hortimare, with a career in R&D, business management and research management in the disciplines of Horticulture, plant physiology, pathology and seed technology. Since 4 years, his experience broadened to marine phycology and entrepreneurship in own company. The committed personnel (technicians and researchers) of Hortimare will work strongly on the quick development of the technologies.





P17 -  FreekVanDenHeuvel-Hortimare-BV ED Freek van den Heuvel MSc studied Marine biology at the University of Groningen and aquaculture systems design at Wageningen University and Research; he graduated in February, 2012. During his studies, he specialized in both ecosystem functioning (particularly microalgae community composition) and aquaculture (especially optimization of  both fish and microalgae aquaculture production systems). Currently, Freek combines this knowledge of ecosystems and aquaculture in his job as researcher at Hortimare. The role of Freek within the project is to provide support and perform research on the subject of phycoremediation, to remove harmful contaminants from seafood using seaweed as a kind of biofilter.





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