Public Deliverables

The project's public results are uploaded here once they become available.

Work Package 1: Database and selection of priority contaminants

Deliverable 1.1 - Database for priority chemical compounds.  Delivery date: November 2013

Work Package 2: Monitoring priority contaminants in seafood

Deliverable 2.3 - Micro-plastics and the associated contaminants in various environmental compartments and biota. Delivery date: November 2014

Deliverable 2.4 - Presence and levels of priority contaminants in seafood. Delivery date: January 2016

Deliverable 2.7 - Effect of processing seafood on levels and profiles of priority contaminants. Delivery date: January 2016

Deliverable 2.8 - Detection and quantification of emerging biotoxins in seafood. Delivery date: March 2016

Work Package 4: Development of fast screening methofs to detect environmental contaminants in seafood

Deliverable 4.6 - Validation of multi-plate microbiological method for the detection of antibiotics. Delivery Date: December 2015

Work Package 7: Dissemination, knowledge transfer and IPR management

Deliverable 7.1 - Dissemination Plan. Delivery date: March 2013 

Deliverable 7.2 - ECsafeSEAFOOD project brand (Brochure, Logo, PowerPoint Templates, etc.)  Delivery date: April 2013

Deliverable 7.3 - Project Website. Delivery date: April 2013

Deliverable 7.5 - Progress report on the general dissemination efforts carried out during the first year. Delivery date: February 2014

Deliverable 7.6 - Progress report on dissemination and Knowledge Transfer for year two. Delivery date: January 2015

Deliverable 7.7 - Stakeholder analysis and workshop reports. Delivery date: April 2016

Deliverable 7.8 - Progress report on dissemination and Knowledge Transfer for year three. Delivery date: January 2016

Deliverable 7.11 - One seminar for students fish-farm owner and employees. Delivery date: September 2016

Work Package 8: Project Management

Deliverable 8.4 - Gender indicators and action Plan. Delivery date: July 2013